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FOX News
Jan 22, 2013 4:00pm PST
much. >> you are welcome. >> shepard: very important election. benjamin netanyahu today claimed victory in the parliamentary elections. it appears his hard line party won a majority by only the narrowest of margins. what that means for the unreasonably frosty relationship for the united states and allies in the middle east remain to be seem. the race was tight enough that the opposing parties may have to form a coalition. in fact, they will have to. prime minister benjamin netanyahu is a noted hawk, especially on iran and a palestinian issues and now moderates could have much more say in the government. they have been pushing for peace talks with the palestinians. >> leland vittert is in tel aviv, what could this mean for the iranian threat? >> >> it could really change the dynamics behind me is prime minister netanyahu's campaign poster in hebrew it says a strong prime minister, a strong israel. the election results lead to you believe this will be anything because strong prime minister. as for a strong israel, the prime minister we saw on the stage tonight giving his victory speech wa
FOX News
Jan 17, 2013 4:00pm PST
to be back pedaling. al franken is up for re-election. today he put out statement saying in principle he supports a ban on assault weapons but didn't say he supports legislation to do that. what the fear is i'm told by one top democratic senator an assault weapons ban suggests the president is taking weapons away that plays into republican arguments like marco rubio who said this today on fox. >> there is a second amendment. i didn't write the constitution. i believe in it. if you are going to do anything that impacts it. it better make some sense. here is the problem that i have by the president's own admission, the things that they're putting forward would have done nothing to prevent what happened, for example, in connecticut. >> and that's why top democratic senator is telling me privately he thinks it's much more likely that the president will not get a ban on assault weapons. but, instead, will get something that's less controversial like a national background check, having a system like that. that's more likely to go through, bill. >> bill: ed, thank you. ed henry at the white hou
FOX News
Jan 21, 2013 4:00pm PST
't win the last election. he believes he has a mandate. he believes he is going to be very aggressive in the days ahead. he was talking about taking action on climate change, immigration reform and at a time when everyone in washington is talking about debt and deficits. he also gave a very rigorous defense of entitlement spending, take a listen. >> the commitments we make to each other through medicare and medicaid security, these things do not sap our initiative. they strengthen us. [ applause ] they do not make us a nation of takers. they free us to take the risks that make this country great. [ applause ] >> now, interesting as well that the white house put out a tweet about another part of the speech where he said, quote: our journey is not complete until our gay brothers and sisters are tweeted like anyone else under the law. what's significant about this it's the first time any u.s. president has used the word gay in an inaugural address. you will remember it was only a few months ago the president came out in favor of same sex marriage. that was a change for him. he now is ma
FOX News
Jan 18, 2013 4:00pm PST
governor schwarzenegger is the governor elect of california. >> as he took office, the now former actor cracked a joke of his own. >> makeup, please. [ laughter ] >> at one point schwarzenegger's approval rating reached 65% but by the time he level office it was down to 22%. that was before the scandal. >> i just created a huge screw up. i had this child and, it destroyed my family. >> his wife maria shriver lift him after he admitted to having an affair and a love child. so for arnold schwarzenegger, it's back to the basics. >> your shoe is bigger than a car. >> the 65-year-old said he continued his come back after playing a big part in the expendables movie. >> you have a little bit of insecurity. wonder will they still accept me? am i welcome to that club? and i was. >> he says the movie business is now sizzling for him. he has already shot several films and says he is considering offers for more. >> it was passionate and had a lot of fun. before i became governor, i have down four movies since i have finished the governorship i have been having a great time. >> some the future proje
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)